My Journal

Ideas for your Journal! ^_^ Trying out "minimalist" photography, yet having a vintage vibe to it?


Moving To Korea

I'm finally blogging again! 🙂 One of my dreams came true of moving to Korea! I've been wanting this for soooOOOOooo long! It was definitely hard at first since I wasn't able to see my Mom, Sister, friends and my dog. Two months has passed and finally getting used to it here. I'm so happy …

My Inspiration <3

(Photos are from: Marzia's Tumblr, Marzia's Blog Post: A Walk Under The Rain.) I wanted to share about someone that is always inspiring me throughout the years besides my Mom, haha. I wanted to make a blog post about this earlier, which I have with Meaningful YouTubers. However, I don't think I did it justice and wanted to make another …