Flying Tiger Copenhagen in Garosu-gil

Today I visited a store that I went with my friend before and I had to visit again because everything inside is adorable!

Snapseed (4)

The store is called “Flying Tiger Copenhagen” and as soon as I walked in, I immediately remembered that I went to another Flying Tiger store in Germany with my other friend and got so excited to let her know!


I love how cheap everything is, yet in great quality! Like the quality of the beard on this mermaid…merman!


These pens reminded me of a teacher I’ve never had before.


I wanted to buy this game because I saw someone playing with these before, but the box was too heavy to carry around so…


Look how adorable these cards are! “I forgot your birthday” is so me! Not that being forgetful is something to brag about. (^_^;)


I really wanted the girl in the pineapple hat lunch box! I regret not buying it, but I don’t think I’ll ever use it, haha.


Lady: “You smell like …” Comment below what the man smells like! xD


Now I want fries…


Or…”Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!”


HOW CUTEEE!! I might go back and purchase the silver one, but I’m broke now so…


For reals game, who am I?


I was so tempted to buy this, but I’ll finish the candies in one day so what’s the point!


Did someone say choooocoollatteeee?!! So many SpongeBob references xD


My friend said that she really wanted these drums before, haha. How cute!


I was tempted to buy the skyblue and pink one! >_<


This is where you check out! They have a lot of cute ecobags as well, as you can see! 🙂


So these were my purchases from Flying Tiger!

I bought a pair of scissors, which is supposed to look like a carrot. You can use it to cut something like paper, thread, or use it as a defense against danger?

I wasn’t sure if I should buy the balancing chairs game, but it was so adorable that I had to buy it! I’m starting to make a board game or game collection and this shall be my second in my collection! Hehe.

I also bought colored pencils because I’ve always wanted traveled sized ones for journaling, but they were always so expensive! These were only 5,000 won, which is less than $5 dollars.

Lastly, I bought a glasses case because I don’t like carrying around those bulky cases. I love the design of the eye and its color! It also said it’s a bookmark, but only if I read more (>_<;)

I bought the key chain on the card holder and the adorable mini Jenga on a different day. This mini Jenga is my first game in my game collection! 😀 I can’t wait to collect more! Plus, the key chain is so handy when traveling to places.

All these items didn’t even cost 20,000 won! I think I’m going to buy so many more things from this store in the future! xD


Shinsa-dong 532-7, Garosu-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
I believe the closest station is Apgujeong station, out of exit 5 or Shinsa station, exit 8. This doesn’t really help (>_<;), but I went out of Apgujeong station and found my way through GPS.

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