Moving To Korea

I’m finally blogging again! 🙂

One of my dreams came true of moving to Korea! I’ve been wanting this for soooOOOOooo long!

It was definitely hard at first since I wasn’t able to see my Mom, Sister, friends and my dog. Two months has passed and finally getting used to it here.

I’m so happy here and wish this happiness never goes away, but I’ve been worrying about where to go from here on.


When I first arrived in Korea, I stayed in this hotel called, Hotel Ora,  and the view was so ASTONISHING. I really loved this hotel! The only negatives were that due to the building being new, it had a strong odor to it and there’s no where to really eat near by.


I made a short YouTube video briefly showing what I did the first two week~ Please check it out! 🙂 The song I put into the background is so lovely! I love it so much!

I still need to make a better thumbnail for it, though! Haha

Please stay tune for more blog posts of my adventures in Korea! I have sooo many that I want to share already! 🙂 From sharing many aesthetic cafes, fashion, home designs, and etc.!!!



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