Europe Trip Day 2!

I’m so excited to share my second day in Europe! 🙂

(Europe Trip Day 1. Please check out my first day in Europe if you haven’t already! <3)

Emi (my friend) and I wanted to visit all the museums, since they were free for this Sunday.


We headed towards the museum and this guy was asking us to sign a petition for “peace for Africa,” which seemed kind of sketchy. I was confused at first, but Emi spoke in German and we acted like we didn’t know English.

In a brochure it said to be careful with those kind of people that asked for you to sign something.

Back to the museum…

So, I forgot that people exists and was surprised by the MASSIVE amount of people in line.


Plus, it was raining and VERY windy! We were kind of in a…”is this reality?” state of mind and stood there staring at the line for a minute.


I looked inside…wishing I was there, but we decided to find another museum to visit. Also, Emi suggested we buy tickets for the next day and not wait in line, which was an awesome idea.

It ended up being the same with every other museum, so we just walked around for a bit. Looking for answers to explain what just happened.


We finally thought of a plan to look for a cute cafe, but it took us a while to actually find one. Although, it was fun looking at the things around the street.


Like this adorable car!

After a while, we found this cute cafe called “Karamel”.


Due to the fact that there were a lot of people, we thought maybe there wouldn’t be a seat for us. Thankfully, a lady told us that there were seats beside the wall.

IMG_20170305_132737_055 copy

It was so cold outside, so I ordered a hot cocoa to feel warm and toasty on the inside. I also ordered this really delicious looking lemon tart because why not!

BeFunky Collage copy

I bought this cool post card while walking away from another museum. I’m not sure the meaning of it, but I hope it’s not a bad one!

I was so excited when all the delicious food came out! The tart was a little sour than I expected, but of course it’s sour because it’s lemon flavored! Haha. It was still really delicious and fluffy! The hot cocoa was pretty bitter, but a little sugar will fix that! 🙂

I think this man who was sitting behind us also ordered a hot cocoa, but he was complaining to the waiter that it’s really bitter. I felt bad because the waiter had to apologize to him. 😦

On a brighter note, Emi booked this wine tasting place for us, but first we decided to visit the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.


When we arrived, we went to “Ladurée Paris Champs Elysées” and was excited to try the macarons here!


Why do pretty pastries makes me so happy???

IMG_20170317_152745_091 copy

Rain started to pour by this point and it was so windy! Part of my umbrella broke and by the time we got into the metro, my paper bag from Ladurée broke and everything feel out! I was so sad that my camera fell to the floor because it’s very fragile (the Samsung NX Mini). Thankfully, it didn’t break!


We arrived at the wine tasting place called, “Les Caves du Louvre”.

 I have always wanted to go to a wine tasting place, so I was really excited that Emi found one we can go to! 🙂

20170305_164203 copy

First, we went down these stairs and then you come into “a whole new world~”


They have these fun activities where you can sniff these huge wine corks and match the scent with the drawing.


It turns into a green light if you guessed it correctly, but turns red if incorrect. I…failed at every attempt, haha. (^_^;)


Then,  you go into another amazingly decorated room and try these liquids that clears your palette on your taste buds, I’m guessing.


They all tasted so strange! One tasted like tooth paste and the rest was a mess.


Then, we were finally in the actual wine tasting part of the tour and there were two guys that served us the wine.

They explained to us the backstories of each wine they served. I have a low tolerance with alcohol, so for my second glass I asked the guy to pour only a little (since I didn’t want to waste it).


After tasting the wine, we went into a photo booth and took a bunch of selfies!

It was for the free wine we will get afterwards.

20170305_180910ihoi copy

We temporarily received these mini wine bottle keychains in the beginning and then we had to return them after the tour. Emi really liked the keychain, so she asked if she could have it instead of the actual wine. The guy hesitated at first because it was against the rules, but kindly said that it was okay for her to have it. 🙂 However, I took the actual bottle of wine, LOL. I need it when I’m stressed out…Just joking! I gave it as a present to someone~


Afterwards, we went to this restaurant for dinner. The waiter was really kind! He wasn’t Korean, but he still tried to speak to me in Korean, haha. He also gave me the menu that was in Korean. xD

After having a wonderful dinner, we were headed back to our hostel!

This time a new lady was in our room and she was the only one sleeping or ready to go to sleep. She was kind of cranky because she got mad at me for leaving the door open when Emi was the one that left it opened to go to take a shower, ahaha xD. It was more of a funny situation than a bad one, if that makes sense!

I hope you enjoyed my second day in Europe! 🙂

I felt like this was a messy blog post, but it was difficult to tell everything from this day in one post. I hope you understand~ (^_^)

Have you visited a wine tasting room before? If so, how was your experience? 



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