Europe Trip Day 1

airr copy

Let’s fly to Europe! Paris/France to be exact! 🙂

I have always wanted to travel to Europe and I decided one day that it’s finally time! I have been missing my close friend, Emi as well! 😦 She’s studying abroad in Germany, so I asked her if I can visit her in March during my spring break. Thankfully, she was very happy about it, which made me even more excited! 🙂 I booked my ticket to France and I can’t believe the trip is already over! (T_T). However, I can relive it by blogging about it!

So, let’s start!

When I arrived in France, I was so confused on where to go. So, my solution was to follow a crowd of people hoping to get to the right place. It worked! I eventually ended up outside and waited for Emi.

After few minutes, Emi came running towards me and we were so happy to see each other! 🙂 I missed her SOOO much and I couldn’t believe we were in Paris together! It all felt like a dream, but thankfully it wasn’t! 🙂


We bought tickets for the train and headed towards our hostel.


When we finally arrived outside, I was amazed by how beautiful every building was!

It was raining and I didn’t have my umbrella, so Emi and I had to share her umbrella. I felt really bad because later on, she decided to let me use her umbrella while she was in the rain. 😦


We passed by this bridge with all these lockets and it reminded me of Namsan Tower in Korea!


There were these stairs where a mini waterfall formed from the rain and Emi and I thought that it was hilarious, haha. There were puddles everywhere as well! Only if I had my rain boots!

20170305_115612 copy

We were so lost on where to go for our hostel. After a long walk with our luggage, I figured out that my GPS works!!! Only if I found out earlier! We were able to find it faster with the GPS.


We arrived at BVJ Louvre hostel and I was so excited to be in somewhere nice and warm. The hostel lobby was really pretty, but too bad it had BED BUGS!!! When we went to another hostel later on, we found out that this hostel had bed bugs. 😦

Bed bug story to be continued…

Plus, they didn’t have toilet seats and you have to pay for wifi. This man that was working there was very rude to Emi as well…I really don’t recommend this hostel (>_<;;). I don’t want to sound harsh, but these were our honest experiences in this hostel.



We shared the room with few other girls and the three girls we met were so kind. 🙂

Thankfully, it stopped raining when we headed out again after getting dried.

We journeyed around the area of our hostel and I LOVED the street art here and there.


Then, we looked for a cute place to eat and came across this pasta place. I was craving for some noodle pasta, but they didn’t have it, so I ordered this delicious pizza instead! 🙂

20170304_123152 copy

At first, the owner of the store wasn’t cooking our food, so we were so confused and starving. So, Emi bought us a chocolate muffin and it was so satisfying to eat something.


After a while, a lady came into the store and started to make my pizza. It tasted even better since it was hand made. I love thin crust pizza that is crunchy and this was absolutely perfect! I sadly couldn’t finish it, so the lady kindly gave a bag for me to put it in and eat later.

Emi wanted to go to this grocery store place, so that we can buy things like an umbrella, snacks, and etc.

After shopping, we headed back towards our hostel. Everyone was sleeping, so we had to be quiet while getting ready for bed.

This day was more of a chill day, but I still had SOO much fun with Emi and can’t wait to share the rest of my trip! I decided to share my Europe trip in parts because it would be way too long of a blog post (^_^;). Please stay tune for part 2! ❤



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