Christmas Day…

Christmas is over and the new years is almost here!!!

I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas and/or holidays!


What is this disaster you ask?

This is my gingerbread house that I made with my friends. On December 19th, two of my friends and I had a gingerbread house contest and guess who one? (^_^) hehe.

This photo was taken the day after, where everything was destroyed. LOL.

That green thing is my jelly Christmas tree with gummy bears decorating it.


Here’s a photo my friend uploaded onto her Instagram. The middle one is my house that isn’t destroyed, haha. The first house is what partying too hard looks like kids.

I had an amazing time that day and it was great to be able to make gingerbread houses with one of my close friends, Princess, every year. ❤

December 25th, 2016


It’s Christmas day! I woke up so excited, thinking of things I should do to celebrate. First, I had a cup of coffee with this new coffee machine I purchased for my Mom for her Christmas present.


You would expect it to snow during Christmas, but nope. It was a rainy day in Florida. I lighted my festive holiday candle and started to write down things onto my journal.

I took out my small Christmas tree and added on the ornaments I DIY-ed (Easy DIY Christmas Tree Decorations). I also added small red and pink ornaments onto the Christmas tree making it more aesthetic.

Overall, it was a relaxing morning.


I received this adorable santa hat from the candy store called, It’sugar. I thought it would fit onto Minki’s head, so I took adorable photos of her. ❤

Yes, she has a poop doll.


I spent the rest of my Christmas out and ate from this only restaurant that was open.

Personal things happened to me during Christmas, but I’m still very thankful for my family and the food.

Merry late Christmas/Xmas!

Are you ready for the new years?!


(Gingerbread man on Pinterest)


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