Jolse Korean Skin Care Haul

Last month, I was running out of skin care products, so I have decided it was time to finally purchase more. I wanted to wait until the beginning of next year, but I decided to purchase it beforehand.

Few years ago, I purchased Korean make up and skin care products from this website called, Although, I always had doubts of whether or not they are selling fake or real products. Since their prices are so affordable compared to most online stores that sell Korean products. However, I read reviews on different websites and I believe they do sell genuine items. Even the Korean brand, COSRX, made a post about them making it more assuring. That’s why I decided to give this website another try!


Jolse always have secure packaging whether you are ordering a few or a large amount of items. It comes neatly wrapped in bubble wrap.

The shipping is pretty fast considering it is coming from South Korea, I believe. I made my purchase on November 20th and it arrived to my house on December 4th. So it takes a little more than two weeks to arrive.

I usually choose the free shipping that doesn’t come with the tracking number, which can be risky considering the package might get lost without even knowing. Thankfully, my ordered items came in one piece. I believe I could have chose “standard shipping” with tracking for free, but I was in a rush that I accidentally chose the one with no tracking. You can learn more about the shipping on this page…FAQ.


These are the products I ordered!

Jolse tend to give you a generous amount of samples with your order! I was surprised by the amount of samples they sent me this time. I’ll be able to use all the samples including the pair of adorable socks, hair ties, creams, and etc.

Lately, I heard a lot of great things about COSRX products, so I wanted to try some out! The Ultimate Nourishing Overnight Spa Mask, Centella Blemish Creamand One Step Pimple Clear PadI have only used them once or twice, so I haven’t really experienced a dramatic change from these products.

I wanted to try eye creams out now that I’m getting older, but wasn’t convinced to buy high-end brands yet. So, I ordered the Black Raspberry Eye Cream and not seeing a drastic change from this product as well. I like to keep it in the refrigerator because it’s so refreshing to apply!

The Rice Water Cleansing Foam and A’pieu Sun Cream on the other hand, I’m loving so much! These two will be seen in my December favorites for sure!


The products were all sealed including the eye cream, sun cream, and foam cleanser.

Everything came out to be $71.29, which I don’t think is that much for six regular sized products? I’m not sure if it’s because they were on sale or randomly discounted, but the order total would have been $100.94. In addition to the discount or sale, I used my $4.40 reward points that I received from the previous purchases.


Here’s a closer look at the samples Jolse provided with the products I purchased. Like the last time I purchased from Jolse, they provided their own version of the oil absorbing sheets that I thought was pretty cool. (The white rectangular product in the middle that says “JOLSE” on it.)

Overall, I was satisfied with the experience I had with this website. I purchased a gift for my friend as well and it has yet to arrive to my house. I can’t wait to receive it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Getting to know a little more about Korean skin care products and the website! Or maybe not, haha.

Have you ever purchased from this website? What are some other websites you recommend? 


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