Holiday Gift Ideas

I wanted to share some of my gift ideas that I put together with the things I found online! 🙂

  • I think that wrapping is important when it comes to giving gifts because it’s the first thing you see before you open the present. I was looking through Pinterest for some ideas and I found this beautiful blog that’s called, These Four Walls. I found, Festive Wrapping Inspiration,” which shows an aesthetic way to wrap gifts!
  • Also, I found the photo of the Dear/Checklist Memo Pad, and it’s so gorgeous! Stationary items are great for those who like to organize.
  • I thought the Minimal Scandinavian Christmas Tree was decorated in a cute way and specially made ornaments can be a meaningful gift as well.


Some great fashion items you can purchase for someone are:

  • Cozy Sweaters: Since it is winter, cozy sweaters are a must for the colder weather! If you live in a warmer place like I do, you can always buy a thin material sweater. 🙂 Sizes were always a problem for me whenever it came to buying clothing items for friends or family. However, you don’t really have to worry about the exact size when buying sweaters because you can always get one size bigger or smaller and it won’t make a huge difference. Since sweaters are stretchy like this Drop-Shoulder Turtleneck Sweater, so it can have the slouchy look to it. You can even gift them an “ugly” Christmas sweater! 🙂
  • Purses: Cute shoulder bags like the Tassel Accent Envelope Bagis a great everyday item! 
  • Shoes: Shoes are a bit more difficult to gift to someone because of the size or the comfortableness of the shoes. However, if you are close to someone or have someone like a family member that can help you out, it will be easier to find the right shoes for the person you are gifting it to! I can see that boots like the Rounded Toe Chelsea Boots and the  Apron Toe Platform Loafers are trendy during winter or fall.
  • Beret: Berets are a cute way to style your outfits, while keeping your head warm! There are creative ones like the MERCI Lettering Tassel Accent Beret, or regular ones that are cute as well.

As you can see, I love the fashion items from the store called, Stylenanda. It is a VERY popular brand in Korea and I could see why!


Moving on to the beauty products…

I felt that cute packaging is always a plus when it comes to gifts during the holidays or any time of the year!


I find that Polaroid products are great gifts for someone that likes to cherish their memories through photos.


Lastly, all of the miscellaneous items!

  • Candles: I purchased the FROSTED CRANBERRY, and I LOVE the scent! It smells like berries and has a sweet smell to it. I wonder how the SWEET CINNAMON SPICE will smell! Holiday candles have amazing scents and wonderful to set the mood around the house!
  • Bath Bombs: I have never tried bath bombs before, so it will be great for those who are curious! I looked on the Lush website and the Tisty Tosty Bath BombButterbear Bath Bomb, and Twilight Bath Bomb seems so adorable! Aren’t bath bombs relaxing to watch when they are spreading out in the water??
  • Coffee Mugs: Mugs will be useful for sipping on delicious hot cocoa drinks. I found this adorable Reindeer 14oz Earthenware Mug Brown – Threshold™ on the Target website and this Cat Mug on the Urban Outfitters website. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I always reach for the cute cups or mugs when drinking something.

These were some of the ideas that I came up with for the holidays!

Gifts are great, but I think that the value of your loved ones are even greater!!! I know, it sounds cheesy, but I hope no one forgets that the value of the gifts aren’t as important as the ones you love! ^_^. Although, I do feel like I need to buy amazing gifts for my loved ones for being there for me.

I always struggle with buying gifts for someone, but I hope that this post helped out even a little bit and that it wasn’t too boring! Please check out the links that I used for my photos if you are interested! 🙂 Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Are you ready for the holidays?! What are some of the gifts that you bought for your friends or family? 



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