Spirited Away in Theaters


I am SOOO excited to share that I was able to watch Spirited Away in the theater!

It was all thanks to my friend! She’s always my movie buddy, or literally a sister to me! ❤

Studio Ghibli films are my FAVORITE movies EVER.

I watched almost all of the films, but still need to watch a few more. I LOVE the soundtrack and the scenery in the movies. It’s so relaxing and makes my heart so warm and cozy. My favorite movie has to be Howl’s Moving Castle because everything about it makes me want to forget about the real world and jump into the world of Ghibli.

I REALLY want to visit the Studio Ghibli museum in Japan! Anyone else agree?

Anyways~ Back to watching Spirited Away in the movie theater, haha.


My friend and I had to wait in line outside, which was dedicated to only Spirited Away.

I was so excited that I had to take photos! I wish that movies were more diverse in theaters, so that other movie cultures can be shown like this!


The count down disappeared for some reason, but I took it just before it disappeared!

Luckily we came early that we were able to sit where we wanted. A lot of people showed up when the movie have already started, which was a little bit disruptive. But! It wasn’t a big deal since they came in quietly! 🙂


IT’S STARTING. YAYYYYY!!! (My drawing of No-Face…I tried, LOL. It’s saying “ehh” like it does in the movie when giving something to Chihiro.)

I took a quick photo and put away my cellphone to not disturb anyone.

I have always watched Spirited Away in English dubbed, so I haven’t watched it in Japanese before (I KNOW, why haven’t I?!). It was refreshing to hear it in Japanese. It felt like I was really watching the official one, if that makes sense!

Since I watched Spirited Away SO many times, I tried to focus on the background details. It was so admirable that there were many details! I mostly noticed the clothes that were hanging in the background.

Even if I have watched it many times, the little things were still very hilarious to me. I found myself laughing to everything and smiling the whole time.

The only thing I was taken aback from was Haku’s voice! In my honest opinion, I felt like the voice in the English dub for Haku fits better with his character. In the Japanese version, Haku sounds more innocent, which isn’t a bad thing! 🙂


When the movie was over…I fell in love with the movie EVEN MORE, if that’s possible! Hayao Miyazaki…YOU ARE. THE BEST. CREATOR OF FILMS.

After the movie, there was a 20 minute special and it was the funniest and cutest thing ever!!!

I thought this day will never come to watch a Studio Ghibli film in the theaters because they mostly show only in Japan, so I was OVERJOYED when my friend invited me to watch it!!!

I painted my nails just for this photo…and I am not ashamed. xD

I used to love doing nail art during high school, but haven’t done it in years.


I was very entertained and frustrated at the same time while doing my nails, like always, haha. My thumb is No-Face giving a heart! :3


My random outfit of the day from that night, LOL. I wore this black hoodie that says “SMILE” on it. I believe I bought it long time ago from this store called “Everblue.”

I wore my thrifted purse, which you can read more about in my previous blog post! Thrifted Fashion Items that I Should Start Wearing

I wore this denim overall dress over it. Layering something with a hoodie has been popular in Korea lately!


Spirited Away and Studio Ghibli films will always be something special to my heart and my biggest inspiration in life. It helps me to get away from reality for a few hours into the fantasy world.

I wish I’ll be able to watch Princess Mononoke in the theaters as well. I usually don’t enjoy SUPER long movies, but this movie was a masterpiece.

I hope you enjoyed my “fan-girling” blog post about Studio Ghibli!

It might not seem like a lot compared to many other wonderful bloggers, but I am so grateful for gaining 30 followers! Thank you for the support! I hope that I can continue to blog for a longggg time! ^_^ ❤

What is your favorite Studio Ghibli film???


Cover photo Soot SpritesHaku and Chihiro


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