November Favorites 2016

I have another favorites post that I wanted to share!

Let’s get started! 🙂


I saw a lot of pants that are cut like an “L” shape at the ends, so I wanted to try to do a DIY project on these jeans. I bought these Levi’s jeans from a thrift store for only $5 dollars!


I always messed up when it comes to cutting jeans, so I’m glad that these came out decent! It’s VERY comfortable and it’s a new style of jeans that’s added to my wardrobe.

Next, I bought the SOFTEST cardigan EVER.


My friend and I went into Forever21 and I told myself to never buy from Forever21 again because I have SO many things from there already. However, I had to purchase this cardigan because I fell in love with the color and how SOFT it was. The only thing I dislike about this cardigan is that the fuzz gets everywhere!


(MagazineDaum WebtoonMoisturizer SwatchVanity Table Image<역도요정 김복주> 이성경♡남주혁)

Random Favorites:

1. Lately, I’ve been reading Korean web comic series called, Webtoon, again. The comics are in Korean and the ones I read so far have similar stories, but each have their own charm.

2. A drama favorite of mine that started in November is 역도요정 김복주, or Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. I love the model/actress, Lee Sung Kyung, so I had to watch this drama! It’s such an ADORABLE and bubbly drama! Loving it so far! 🙂

3. For my bucket list, I have always wanted to win something from one of those claw machines. After few tries over the years, it came the day where I finally WON something! I was SO happy and felt like I had accomplished something big in my life (LOL). It was on my first try as well! I won another lion plush toy for my friend and we named mine “Jackie Chan” and hers “Bruce Lee.”

Beauty Favorites:

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner

My sister gave this toner to me in October and I haven’t used it until November. Whenever I put this onto my face with a cotton pad, it feels so cooling. I’m not sure if it helped with my pores, but I felt that it really removes the extra yuckiness on my face.

Etude House Priming Eye Serum:

Since I have turned 20 years old this year, I have wanted to try eye creams for anti-aging purposes. I received this as a sample last winter, so I’m not sure if it’s old now, but it doesn’t seem like it! LOL. A little goes a long way, so I think I can use it for a couple more months. The product says honey and smells like honey, so I thought that it would be sticky and heavy, but it turns out that it’s the opposite.


I purchased this beanie in Korea and I got it for a discounted price without even trying to bargain. I asked the employee how much the beanie was and he told me that it was 15,000 won (about $15 dollars), but I wasn’t too interested in the beanie to purchase it. So, when I was about to leave, he told me that he’ll give it to me for 10,000 won. I hesitated because in America, they don’t give you discounts without it being on sale. I felt like I had to purchase the beanie now, so I left happily thinking of how I have a new beanie.

Those were the back stories of my favorites in the photo above.


I wanted to share some of my favorite musics that I have been listening to in November.

Music Favorites:

1. BTS Jin – Awake:

I fell in LOVE with this song! I didn’t know that Jin could sing so well because he barely had singing parts in other songs. The meaning of the song, the melody, his voice, and everything was so beautiful!!!

BTS Jin – ‘Awake’ [Han|Rom|Eng lyrics] [FULL Version]

2. IU – When Love Passes:

This is another song I fell in love with! I’m not sure why I just discovered this song, but I am so glad that I did. IU’s voice always touches my heart, as if she is trying to say that everything will be okay through hard times. This is another song of hers that made me feel that way.

04. IU – When Love Passes (사랑이 지나가면) [IU – Flower Bookmark (Special Album)]

3. Roy Kim – One Tear Drop:

Another song that touched my heart greatly was this song. It really makes me want to cry every time I listen to it. ❤

[Full Audio] Roy Kim- 눈물 한 방울 (One Tear Drop)

That ends my November favorites! I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! I can’t believe it’s already December and 2017 is so near! WOW…I’m turning 21 years old in January…Time is going by so fast!!!

How was your month of November? What were some of your favorites?



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