Sweater Weather? My Sweater Collection


Today, I saw a pile of sweaters on top of this shelf inside of my closet and wondered, how many sweaters do I own?

I LOVE sweaters because they are so comfy and you can wear/match them with almost anything.


I tried my best to collect all of my sweaters onto my bed and I think these are all of them!  So, currently I have about 28 sweaters, but had a few more that I left behind in Korea during last winter. I definitely plan on buying more sweaters in the future, even though I think I have enough already, haha.

Instead of sharing every sweater that I own, I wanted to share some of my favorites.


I tried my best to choose only 5 of them!


This sweater is from the website, It reminds me of one of my close friends that loves pandas (I believe that’s a panda) and its style and pose reminds me of her as well, haha. The sweater is so soft and I like the cut on the bottom, making it easier to tuck into jeans or something.


I purchased this sweater from Korea and I wore this so many times because the style and color is so pretty! I love the magenta, white, and dark blue around the neck area and on the sleeves. I believe this was only 10,000 won,  which is about 10 dollars and it is still amazing quality. It’s so soft on the inside!


I purchased this sweater from a thrift store and was featured in two of my other blog posts (2016 October Favorites and Thrifted Items/Clothing!). This sweater was only $4.99 and it is so comfortable and soft on the inside as well.


I wore this sweater a couple of times in Korea and it kept me very warm. This sweater is from Forever21 and it has this pretty lace on the sleeves and the bottom of the sweater. I love that it is a mock turtleneck, keeping my neck warm. I wish I was able to wear this in Florida, but I would probably die of a heat stroke. 😦


This sweater is also from Forever21 and I like the simpleness and that it’s long enough to wear with leggings. It’s funny because I wore this to New York, so now I have to visit London, Milan, and Paris with this sweater! I WISH.

Those were my favorite sweaters! Now, I wanted to share the oldest sweater I own…


I had this sweater ever since I was a child in Korea and it was originally my Mom’s or Sister’s sweater. I usually wear it in the house, since it has stains on it. I would love to own another sweater like this in a similar design and color.


These are all of my knit sweaters. I had another knit sweater, which is this one…

I left this turtleneck sweater in Korea and I wore it nonstop there, since I love the baby pink color and the turtleneck! I also purchased it from

This is another outfit with my knit sweater that I wore often in Korea. 🙂 I miss Korea SO MUCH. (T___T). (My blog post on Korea: Missing Korea…Winter Break in Korea)


That ends my sweater collection! It might not seem like a lot compared to others who may have hundreds, but I hope you still enjoyed! 🙂

Also, I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! I’m thankful for all these sweaters keeping me warm! Haha.

What are some of your collections?






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