My Inspiration <3

(Photos are from: Marzia’s TumblrMarzia’s Blog Post: A Walk Under The Rain.)


I wanted to share about someone that is always inspiring me throughout the years besides my Mom, haha.

I wanted to make a blog post about this earlier, which I have with Meaningful YouTubers. However, I don’t think I did it justice and wanted to make another blog post about it!

I mentioned that one of my favorite YouTubers is Marzia Bisognin. I must say that she’s actually my favorite YouTuber!

Whenever she uploads something, I immediately click on her video and like it before watching the whole video because I KNOW that I will love it, haha. I’ve been doing that since 2014 and I wish I could have been a Marzipans since the beginning, but still glad that I came across her channel! ^_^

How is she my inspiration you ask?

Well, first of all, her videos always helped me get through hard times!

Also, she has her own clothing line and subscription boxes online. It’s my dream to create my own online clothing store someday and it amazes me how she achieved something so big at a young age! But, looking at how creative and determined she is, it doesn’t surprise me as much!

She eats a very healthy diet and her recipes on her blog always inspires me to eat healthier as well! I still need to try them out! They all look so delicious!

I always looked up to Marzia because she has social anxiety and I felt like someone I know (even though she doesn’t know me, haha) is going through the same struggle that I am and it makes me feel very comforted! I’m so proud that she has achieved SO MUCH despite her social anxiety!

I hated dealing with social anxiety because it hurt me a lot during my life to the point where it made me feel depressed. However, I realized that it also made me happy to relate to someone that I look up to. And that someone helped me to feel more stronger and confident step by step.

I remember in her JULY NOTES | The Hut, Blue Cross and Q&A. video, she talked about her anxiety and it still motivates me and amazes me how she overcame some of her anxieties and it helped me to realize that I came a long way as well!

That video stuck out to me the most because, of course, her chat on social anxiety, but she also mentions about jealousy. I tend to get jealous of people that seems to have…”everything” in life. It made me realize again that it shouldn’t be something to be jealous about, but to make it as an inspiration (as she mentions)! 🙂

Also, the hut that she visited was absolutely GORGEOUS. I would love to stay in a place like that someday! And the kitten she visited broke my heart!

I have always wanted to help out animals that needed help by donating and I’m so overjoyed that Marzia brought awareness of the good deeds that Blue Cross is doing! 🙂 I was able to donate to the Blue Cross and I encourage others to do so as well! ^_^ I’m planning to donate more that I can in the future!

This is what amazes me! Individuals with a large following doing good deeds from their hearts to help the community into a better place! Like Bubzbeauty building schools for kids! Let’s Build MORE Schools! I definitely want to contribute to this as well! 🙂

I love that Marzia and I have a lot of similarities, but very different lives. I love fashion, DIYs, interior decor/designing, horror movies, mystery novels, animation, cute things, and etc. That’s another reason why I love her videos and blog so much! ^_^

Marzia is doing LA vlogs currently and I can’t wait to see her next video! 😀

Thanks for reading! I just wanted to thank Marzia for being there for me through her videos and that I wish she never stops! Even with her blogs! Hehe. ❤ 🙂

Who are your inspirations???



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