2016 October Favorites

October is finally over and November is here!

Is it just me, or…October felt like such a lonnggg month! Maybe because it wasn’t as eventful.


So, I have a few favorites from October and they are…

1. Planner: I found this planner that I bought few years ago and wanted to use it again because I stopped using it for a while. It’s one of those where you fill in the dates yourself, so it wasn’t a problem using it in any month of the year! It keeps me productive and organized by writing down to do lists.

2. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water: I remember that people used to compare this product with Bioderma, which is well known for being a good makeup remover. I didn’t want to try the Garnier cleansing water because I didn’t believe that it would be as good. I came across the cleansing water months later and realized that I needed a makeup remover, so I thought why not get it?  I’m glad that I got it because it’s pretty good at removing makeup. It’s not the best, but it’s refreshing, calming to the skin, and doesn’t feel oily!

3. iPod Shuffle: I found my sister’s iPod Shuffle and started to use it because my sister wasn’t using it anymore and it felt like such a waste to not use it. (I feel like everything gets lost in my house, haha.) It’s so useful when going for a walk because it’s tiny and doesn’t get in the way, unlike my phone.

4. Peripera Cushion Blusher in #2 Happy Coral: I haven’t used this product for a while, AGAIN, LOL. I fell in love with it because I like to…overuse blush on my cheeks and this helps me to use less of it. I feel like it keeps the blush on my cheeks for a longer time as well. I tap the product onto my cheeks and put a lighter blush on top of it. The blushes I have aren’t very pigmented, so it doesn’t look like I have Sponge Bob cheeks (when he’s really happy or blushing) or something.

5. Cactus/Succulent Plant: I love this plant! It’s so adorable! I feel like I have my own little pet, LOL. I have always wanted a succulent plant because they are so cute! You can read more about it on Sentimental in Fall! 🙂


My last two favorites are…this gray sweater I thrifted (Thrifted Items/Clothing!) and Adidas kids shorts. I have been wearing these two almost every time I go out because they are so comfortable! Also, I just feel too lazy to dress up nicely.

That’s it for my October favorites! I hope you enjoyed it!

October wasn’t a very eventful month for me, but I’m excited for what this month has in store for me! 🙂

How was your October???


Link for photo used in thumbnail,link for photo used in thumbnail.


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