Easy DIY Memory Box

Today, was THE DAY I finally created my memory box!!!

A memory box, you ask?

Yes! It was on my bucket list to make my own memory box.

I had a memory box in middle school, but I wanted to create one with my own touch to it.


I purchased this box from a thrift store (you can see my haul here! Thrifted Items/Clothing!) for $2.49. As you can see, the box I purchased isn’t my choice of design. Don’t get me wrong, rubber ducklings are so BADA@#.



I painted it white, of course. I have this thing where I paint almost everything in my room white. I layered one coat of white paint on the top and waited to put another layer. Then, I gathered small decorations that I stuck inside of my drawers and decorated the box with it…

  1. I glued on these 3 decorative papers onto the box.
  2. Cut out the camera and speech bubble from this other decorative paper. For the speech bubble, I used this white pen that I randomly found lying around. I wrote “everything’s a memory,” which is also something that you can see on the home page of my blog.
  3. I put the ticket on top with a washi tape.
  4. I was debating whether or not to rip the Alice in Wonderland page from this planner I have and I decided to include it because I wanted something that had to do with Alice in Wonderland onto my memory box, since I love the story and art of it!
  5. I put on this random “The tree” tag that I saved from this clothing I bought from Korea. I thought I would never use it, haha.
  6. The “No Boys Allowed” sticker looked cute, so I just put it on there. (I’m not trying to be sexist!)
  7. Finally, I put on the remember and clock sticker onto it.


What I have in the box are things like letters, tickets, and etc.


I can’t wait to put more things in here! In a way, it’s like a time capsule, remembering the good old memories.

What would you put in your memory box?



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