Sentimental in Fall


I didn’t plan on making this blog post, but I went to this pretty flower shop/garden and it gave me this warm feeling on the inside. I’m not sure why, but it felt so nostalgic.

I was planning to go to this fresh market, but there were SO many people because of a pumpkin patch event, so I stumbled upon here. I’m so glad I did!


Listening to throwback songs from this Korean drama called, Reply 1988.

이적 – 걱정말아요 그대, Lee Juck – Don’t Worry 


I wanted to stay here the whole day! The breeze was so nice and the atmosphere was just so amazing. I wish I had this beautiful space in my backyard.

오혁 – 소녀, Oh Hyuk- A Little Girl


In Korea, there’s a saying that you get sentimental in the fall, or 가을을 탄다. Maybe that’s what I was feeling at that moment? Not sure.

박보람 – 혜화동 (쌍문동)


I’ve always wanted a cactus and I’m so happy that I bought this little cutie! It was only $3.50, but it seemed more valuable at that moment.

I really love the paper bag for some reason. I hope I don’t kill this cactus because I’m horrible at keeping plants alive. 😦


I hope you enjoyed this random blog post. I’m so happy that the weather is cooling down a little bit. My favorite seasons are fall and winter…

What’s yours?



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