Lost Treasures Lookbook


I wanted to make a blog post of a look book, FINALLY! I’ve always wanted to make one, but wasn’t confident enough and didn’t have someone to shoot the photos for me. 😦

My Mom miraculously found some things that were shoved inside of a closet. She put the things in front of my room inside of a basket. I dug through it and found two clothing items I really liked/missed!

So, let’s begin!


This first clothing piece isn’t something that was lost, but something that I’m glad I fixed and started to wear it. In my other blog post, I talked about the back story of this skirt, so please check it out if you would like to know about it! (My Dog’s First Time Going to the Beach!) 🙂

I ordered the vanilla latte~ I went to the Brew Urban cafe next door, again! You can check out my blog post about it! (Few Aesthetic Cafés to Visit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!) 🙂


This is my awkward “photo shoot.”


Outfit- top: Yesstyle, skirt: Forever21, shoes: Korea

More awkward photo shoots of my own in my bedroom, LOL. I took these photos to show a better look at the whole outfit! 🙂

Overall, I really love this skirt so much! Because it’s something different and it gives a feminine look to every outfit.

Next, I went to the Ann’s Florist and Coffee Bar and bought delicious desserts. I went outside and found this wall with a pretty pink color, so I took a photo there! Haha.


Outfit 1- jacket: Mom’s friend, shirt: Yesstyle, skirt: Korea, shoes: Adidas
Outfit 2-sweater: Forever21, skirt: Korea, shoes: Adidas 

Now, these are the items that my Mom found in the closet.

The black jacket was a gift from my Mom’s friend to her, but it’s not really her style so she didn’t wear it for a long time! So, I’m stealing it from her! 😉 I really love this jacket because it has a chic vibe to it and gives it an edge to a cute outfit.

The jacket is really soft as well, hehe.

I have got to tell you that…I LOOKED FOR THIS SWEATER EVERYWHERE. But I couldn’t find it! 😦 I’m so happy that my Mom found it for me! This sweater was my favorite sweater because I loved the color and the two slits on the sides.


The teal sweater has these cuts to it in the front and at first my Mom thought it was ripped, but that’s just the style! Haha.

I paired the teal sweater with a black a-line skirt that I bought from Yesstyle. (You can see my haul here: Yesstyle Korean Clothing Haul!)

I really enjoyed sharing this on my blog! But, taking photos was the hard part for me!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! ❤

What was your favorite outfit? I would love to know about your thoughts in the comments below! ^_^


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