Yesstyle Korean Clothing Haul!


I received my package from the website,, and I have purchased many clothing from there before.

I always told myself that I will never buy from this website again because I end up spending more money than I would like to. Plus, some clothing pieces did not fit to my liking, but the ones that I did like made me go back and buy other things.

The quality of the clothing pieces vary, but usually they are okay quality.

This haul is special to me because I bought these clothing items with the money I have earned from the app called, Depop. I sold my clothing pieces that I wasn’t wearing anymore.

I wanted to create looks for all the items, but it would have taken way too long. So, keep out for more blog posts featuring these items! 🙂


The items came in a box this time, which I was amazed because it usually comes in a huge plastic package.


AHH I was so excited to take everything out of its packaging!!!


I’m not going to lie that it takes forever for the website to stock everything and ship them. I ordered on September 16th and it arrived today on October 18th. I was able to get free express shipping, so once they shipped it, it took six days for it to arrive to my house.

More information about my experiences throughout the post!


1. Meimei – Short-Sleeve Patterned DressI’m not sure why it’s called a dress because it’s not long enough to be a dress, but I knew that it would be like a shirt when I ordered it.

That’s what you have to be careful when buying from these websites because the length could be shorter than mentioned in the details.


I LOVE the fit of this shirt! It’s like a boxy fit and the ruffles on the sleeves are so adorable! Even though it’s a bit wrinkled, but it’s easy to get rid of the wrinkles.


2. QZ Lady – Peter Pan-Collar Striped Chiffon BlouseThis blouse is so pretty! It’s see-through, but wearing a tank top underneath would fix that! I love the “apricot” color!


3. icecream12 – Long-Sleeved Crewneck T-Shirticecream12 – Long-Sleeved Crewneck T-Shirt (Black/Pink): I really wanted simple long sleeved shirts to wear under dresses and stuff. I’m in love with these two shirts! The sleeves are pretty long, but gives it a cute look to it! I love the color of the pink! So excited to wear these!


4. MISS YOYO – Short Sleeve Lapel Shirt: I like how this shirt isn’t long on me because usually shirts go up to my upper thigh, so for this shirt, I will be able to wear it without tucking it in. The material isn’t what I expected because I thought it would be less sturdy.


5. Rollis – Gingham Spaghetti Strap DressMY FAVORITE CLOTHING PIECE FROM THIS HAUL. I was afraid that this dress would be short on me, but it’s the perfect length! Although, the straps are a bit long, so I will need to sew the straps to make it shorter.


6. Oaksa – Strappy Off-Shoulder Babydoll DressI think I found my favorite formal dress!  I have some formal dresses, but I don’t really favor them as much, so this dress will be my to go dress to formal events! Same with the dress on top, I will need the sew the straps to be a little bit shorter. The way it is off-the-shoulders gives it such a feminine feel and it doesn’t make my shoulders look wide. The buttons are so adorable as well! The material is pretty good and it was only $11!


8. TriStyle – Denim SkirtThe button hole isn’t cut! LOL! I’ve never seen a skirt where the button hole hasn’t been cut before. But, that’s no problem! I can just cut it open. It has no stretch to it what so ever, so it’s VERY difficult to put and take them off. I love this skirt, though! It has shorts attached to them on the inside! So, I don’t have to worry about anything when I wear them, even though I always wear shorts underneath skirts.


7. Octavia – Buttoned Denim Mini SkirtThis skirt is cute, but the material isn’t as great or bad. Like the reviews say, the button holes were too small, so I had to cut the holes a little bit bigger. It has a chlorine smell to it…which some items do smell like it from my previous purchases. Also, it’s a little big on me, but I think I’ll still wear it a lot!


9. MePanda – Check A-Line SkirtThis skirt is tiny!! It barely fits me, but I think it will be okay with a long boxy shirt or sweater. So sad because this was the item I was the most excited about.


10. Skool – Pleated SkirtOddly, this skirt isn’t really “A-lined.” It’s more straight, but I think I will wear it with boxy shirts or sweaters as well.


11. Frontline – Short-Sleeve T-shirtThis is such an adorable shirt! The material is good and it was only $7.11! I believe the girl in the shirt is Mathilda from the movie Léon: The Professional, since the related items were printed shirts of her. I still need to watch that movie!


12.Fairyland – Stripe Elbow-Sleeve ShirtThis is a cute shirt, but the end of the elastic of the sleeves are so tight! I thought it was an off-the-shoulders like the black dress from before, but the fit on the shoulders are similar to the second shirt mentioned.


13. Uranus – Ankle-Strap SandalsUranus – Ankle-Strap SandalsThese shoes are comfortable than expected! I haven’t walked in them yet, but the fit is pretty comfortable! However, I don’t think it will last very long. The way you buckle the shoes are so unique because you have to latch on the metal piece to the buckle.

14. FROME – Embroidered Snapping Hand Baseball CapI bought a similar cap from Yesstyle, but it has a cute penguin on it! It’s my favorite cap, so I wanted another cap and I came across this one! It’s not as good quality as the penguin one, but it’s still good!

15. Hats ‘n’ Tales – BeretI ordered the nude pink color, so I was expecting a nude pink, but got a darkish pink instead. However, I still like it! I have always wanted a beret, but always doubted how it would look on me. Finally got one and I love it!

16. FROME – Letter Embroidered Bucket HatI always wanted a bucket hat as well because it looked so cute on these Korean Instagramers I follow. I always question “why,” so I thought it would be somewhat meaningful? No? Okay.

I was surprised to like all of the things that I purchased! It’s always hard to buy from this website because you have to be aware of the size, length, color, and etc.

The only downside was the material of the items, but it was pretty inexpensive and still wearable!

The shipping is always late as well because you have to wait for everything to be in stock and if they are not in stock they will cancel that item, so you waited for nothing!

Would I recommend this website?

It depends! Just remember all the things I have mentioned before buying from Yesstyle. The clothing pieces are usually pretty and my style! Because I’m more into Korean fashion, but there are no stores that are alike, where I live.

I would recommend buying the printed shirts the most because I’ve never been disappointed with them before and they are the best quality compared to the others.


They are very helpful most of the times! If there aren’t any reviews for the item…GOOD LUCK. I bought the denim skirt and some others without the reviews and they were okay! But, you know, some were not.

Have you bought from this website before? What were your online shopping experiences? What are your favorite online stores? Let me know in the comments! I would love to read about them! 🙂

I can’t wait to wear, style, and show photos of these clothing pieces in future blog posts or on my Instagram!

Thanks for reading! ❤



3 thoughts on “Yesstyle Korean Clothing Haul!

  1. This is great!!!!! I love everything! You should do a post about how you pair up the outfits and how American fashion differs from Korean. I am so happy that you’re still blogging. You always find such interesting topics and post great pictures!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh thanks Emi!!! ❤ that's such a great idea!!! I'll definitely try to make a blog post about that! 😀 aww me too! I'm so happy that you suggested and encourage me to make a blog Emi! It makes me so happy and I don't think I can live without it! Haha ^_^ hehe I love you! ❤


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