Childhood Shows I Would Watch To This Day


I had a phase few years ago, where I would re-watch my childhood shows from when I was a kid.

It shocked me when I found out that most of my childhood shows were anime dubbed in Korean. LOL.

Let’s begin! xD

1. Cardcaptor Sakura


I believe I watched all the episodes about three times already!

That’s how much I enjoyed it!

I LOVE the art of this show and how detailed all the drawings are. From buildings, furniture, and etc.


Plus, the characters are SO adorable! (^_^)

This show definitely has its charm for being cute, atmospheric, mysterious, and etc.


(My favorite photo <3) ( credits to all the Cardcaptor Sakura photos from this Tumblr! 🙂 )

Sakura’s fashion is SO adorable and even seen in a lot of trends currently!

New main characters are introduced throughout the show, which makes it continuously interesting.

It makes me wonder what I’ll do if I was in Sakura’s situation in the show.

The cute little romances in this show makes me smile like an idiot because it’s so adorable!

2. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne


(Photo Credits)

This is another anime that I watched as a child, Korean dubbed.

I re-watched this again once, and I still enjoyed it very much!

When I re-watched this anime, I realized it is a little similar to Sailor Moon!

The long blonde hair, changing clothes when fighting the evil, devil going inside of innocent bodies, hidden identity mysterious man that saves them, a little companion to guide them, and you get the idea! Haha.

I still really liked this show because it had its own charm to it, which was the chess pieces to seal away the evil. However, they look more like push pins to me, LOL.

It’s an interesting idea to use Joan of Arc reference, saying that she was reincarnated as her.

The plot is very interesting, so I would recommend reading more on Wikipedia!

3.  Sailor Moon 


(Photo credits to this Tumblr)

Last, but not least! The classic Sailor Moon!

I always see screenshots of Sailor Moon and the atmosphere in it is so nostalgic.

The outfits in Sailor Moon are on point as well!

I remember dancing and singing along with the Sailor Moon theme song.

I don’t remember the Korean version, if there is one, but I know that the English version is something like…

“Fighting evil by moonlight~ Winning love by daylight~”

However, in reality this is how I sing the theme song,

“nah nah nah moonlight, nah nah nah daylight, she is the one named Sailor Moon!”


These three shows literally have similar plots to them! However, they each have different charms to them! (^_^)

When I re-watched each show, I have got to say that Cardcaptor Sakura had to be my favorite! 🙂

I remember watching these shows in my room at my grandparents house in Korea.

I miss those days…Chilling with nothing to worry about!

I hope you enjoyed! 🙂

What were your favorite childhood shows?


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