What’s In My Bag


I have been wanting to do a what’s in my bag or purse, but have been pushing it back for a while now.

I finally grabbed my camera and my purse.

I told myself today is the day!

In every YouTube video I have watched, they claim that they aren’t making the video to brag in any way and same goes for me! I am not trying to brag in any way! I love looking at what other people have in their purse for some odd reason and I thought maybe some might enjoy mine as well! 🙂


This is my everyday purse from Kate Spade.

For more information about this purse, please read my blog post about it! 🙂 (which will be uploaded soon! Still working on it~)


Before I purchased my purse, I bought this beautiful wallet from Kate Spade.

That’s how I came across the brand!

I wanted a small sized wallet in the color red, since in Korea there’s a saying that red colored wallets brings in money or something like that!


Hehheh…My Chanyeol photo card…that my friend gave me! (^_^)


I bring this mini wallet with me everywhere now, since the other wallet is kind of bulkier for my small purses. This wallet is so beautiful as well! My beautiful friend gifted it to me! ❤

I carry around a Polaroid photo of my Mom and I, which we took in Korea together. ❤


I carry this mini clothespin around with me to clip my earphones together, so that it doesn’t get tangled and all over my purse. I randomly thought of the idea when I saw the clothespin I had lying around. Does anyone else do this too??


My Instagram Photo of this!

This is my makeup bag that I made! 🙂

Should I make a tutorial blog post of this makeup bag??

However, they aren’t the things I keep in the makeup bag, it was just for aesthetics! LOL.


I carry these products!

  1. Hand cream from The Body Shop in almond…flavor? Scent…?
  2. BB Cushion in color 01 from Beyond; Alice in Wonderland collaboration. ❤
  3. Jelly lipstick from Etude House in the color JOR203 (I’m trying my best to finish the whole tube!)
  4. Hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works in cake flavor or scent.
  5. Lip Balm from Peripera called the Incredible balm! It smells like an American pear!


[ It started to rain, so the picture came out so dark ): ]

I carry my watch to someday exchange the batteries! I always forget about it…

I’m not a big fan of the Altoids mints because it’s SO strong and the texture taste like medicine…but I still eat it. LOL. *plot twist*

What is that pink container you ask? Why it’s a cotton swab container!

I took out all the cotton swabs and made a mini emergency kit!

The adorable Rilakkuma journal was gifted from my friend, hehe. ❤

The adorable pen is from Korea.


I’ve been wearing this dress a lot…(^_^;)


So that’s pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed!

I usually try not to carry as much, but I always end up stuffing things inside of my bag, haha.

What things do you have in your bag?

Do you think I carry too much or too little in my purse?







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