Meaningful YouTubers <3

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Hello! I’m so proud that I have been making a lot of blog posts despite my exhausting day at my part-time job! So, I usually try to make my day better by watching YouTube videos.

I have watched YouTube for many years now…Remember when there were no ads? Yea…I miss those days as well.

However! More amazing people joined YouTube to make great content for their audience!

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite YouTubers or the ones that are meaningful to me the most!

(Not sponsored by YouTube, LOL, it sounds like I’m sponsoring YouTube or something…I wish, but nah.)

Let’s Begin!

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First! One of my FAVORITE YouTubers is CutiePieMarzia because everything about her is so creative and adorable!!!

Her content is so different from many YouTubers, which makes me look forward to them even more!

I love the background music she puts into her videos because it’s so cute and relaxing.

Her videos help me get through hard times and kept me motivated to pursue more in life!

We have so much in common personality wise, but of course not physically wise, sadly. (T__T) LOL.

(Photo Above from Marzia’s Tumblr)


The things that we have in common are that we love cute things, scary movies (but I get nightmares), mystery novels, have high pitched voices, and …social anxiety.


(Link to Photo Above )

I love how brave she is despite having social anxiety, which I bet she still has to handle behind the camera. I can’t imagine how she has to deal with the hate in the comments, but I hope that she knows that there are A LOT more Marzipans than haters! 🙂

Her fashion, DIY videos, fashion line, vlogs, and everything she does inspires me! It amazes me how she achieved so much at a young age! I’m 20…I feel like I haven’t achieved much…sigh…

      screenshot-2016-09-30-at-10-21-49-pm   screenshot-2016-09-30-at-10-23-36-pm

(Link to Two Cuties, Edgar’s face xD) (Link to Two Cuties ❤)

And let’s talk about her two ADORABLE pugs! Maya (Puga-Chan) and Edgar! I think I became more in love with pugs through Maya and Edgar, haha.


(Link to Photo Above)

I found Marzia’s channel through Felix’s or Pewdiepie’s channel. I love their videos together because they are so funny and sweet with each other!

I know I may not seem like the type to like Pewdiepie and video games, but his videos still helped me to smile through hard times like Marzia’s videos. I still don’t know how he comes up with such silly comments to say, LOL.

I never can finish video games, so it’s fun to watch someone do it for you! Haha! The game Limbo was the most memorable to me because that game had so many meanings to it and Felix’s comments, though.

Anyways, I always look forward to Marzia’s videos and blog posts! 🙂


(Link to Photo Above)

Secondly! One of my other favorite Youtubers is Bonjour.Sera!

I LOVE her fashion! I think she has to be my favorite fashion YouTuber!

I followed Sera when she had only two videos and when she was starting her channel. Maybe that’s why I want to keep her in my own little bubble, so that she doesn’t get too famous (me being selfish). However, I think that she seriously deserves millions of followers! She’s so unique and her editing is always so fun!

She replied to all of my comments and was always so sweet!


(Link to Photo Above)

She is literally GORGEOUS as well!!!

I think my favorite video of hers so far was the fitting room video because it was something I’ve never seen before and it was such a creative idea!

The Fitting Room // Try-on Haul x Outfits (Giveaway: Closed)

Even her voice is so sweet and pretty!

I love the filters in her videos and the little notes she makes with the paper cut outs.

I was inspired to make YouTube videos because of Sera, but I think I will stick to blogging! It was her help that I at least got to try! (^_^)


(Link to Photo Above)

Another GORGEOUS YouTuber (T__T)!!!

My last, but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST favorite YouTuber is Bubzbeauty and Bubzvlogz…and Bubbiosity! Haha!

I think that Lindy has to be the sweetest person! I guess I was having a tough day, so I commented on one of her vlogs to thank her for always making my days with her vlogs and she commented back with the sweetest comment!


(Link of Photo Above)

I followed her for SO MANY YEARS! My first try of makeup was from a Bubzbeauty makeup tutorial, I believe in middle school! Haha!


She gave birth to the ADORABLE Isaac and he also makes my days! Haha. I honestly miss Chubbi and Domo being in Bubz’s videos all the time, but Isaac fills in that empty spot! ❤

I wish that I can be as confident and hilarious as Bubz! Her brother and cousins are hilarious as well! LOL. Especially her cousin Kai!

It’s crazy how I feel like I’ve known Bubz for a lonnngg time, but she doesn’t even know who I am! (o_o;;) It’ll be awesome to meet everyone someday and thank them for always making me smile and laugh!

As cheesy as this may sound, I’m so happy that YouTube exists to discover these wonderful people. ❤

I hope you enjoyed this little appreciation of the YouTubers that make an impact in my life! 🙂

Who are some of your favorite Youtubers?? Did they make an impact in your life??


4 Replies to “Meaningful YouTubers <3”

  1. You know,I follow Marzia and Pewdiepie too, they are so cute! Pewdiepie makes always funny videos while Marzia’s ones are veryyy cutteeee ❤ I should try to have a look at oher youtubers you listed, they look soooo cute too 😀

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