Get Back On Your Feet


전원이 꺼진 것 같은

기척도 없는 창 밖을 바라보며

의미 없는 숨을 쉬고

(IU Bad Day)

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

이 바람에 담긴 날들

흩어지는 작은 소망들

보내야 하는 아픈 마음을

난 다시 불러본다

(로이킴, Roy Kim 바람에 날려본다)



원하지 않는 여행을

걸어가야만 하는데

(로이킴, Roy Kim 바람에 날려본다)


이룰 수 없는 꿈은 슬퍼요. 나를 울려요…

(조영남, IU Cover 잊혀진 계절)

Links To Songs Mentioned And Should Check Out:

IU – Forgotten Season (잊혀진 계절)

Roy Kim – 바람에 날려본다

Rachael Yamagata ft. Ray Lamontagne – Duet

IU – Bad Day

IU – The Covered Up Road (가리워진 길)

Roy Kim Great Dipper Full Album

(Credits to everyone that uploaded these videos)

Songs that I listen to when feeling kind of down. These are all amazing songs and so grateful to the artists for making such songs that can touch someone’s heart.

My favorite has to be Duet by Rachael Yamagata ft. Ray Lamontagne. I love their voices together and it’s so relaxing that it makes me want to cry every time I listen to it. I can’t really relate to the lyrics because when they say “oh lover” I think of a romantic relationship, but I’ve never been in “love” before. I really love Rachael Yamagata’s song Quiet as well.

The lyrics that I can relate to the most is Bad Day by IU because when you’re having a bad day you can’t help, but to just to think and feel the things she’s singing about.

I always tell myself that tomorrow is another day…to smile and try to get back onto my feet.


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