Room Decorations 


I wanted to make another room decorating blog post! 🙂

Without a long introduction, let’s start!


I’m so in love with this teddy bear I purchased from Ikea! The day I bought this from Ikea, I was wearing a similar outfit to this teddy bear. (Please excuse the dirty window…)

The sun was shinning through, which made it seem like a clip from a music video.


I bought this ADORABLE watering can from a thrift store and I got SOOO excited when I saw this that I immediately purchased it!

I put in real soil (from this plant that I…”accidentally” murdered…Okay, I forgot to water the plant…) into the watering can and put the plant I “accidentally” killed into the can as well. Later on, I should plant seeds into it to grow an actual living plant. ^__^;


Next are these lights!

I purchased them from Target a while back and mentioned them in my previous blog about room decor. Room/Home Decor Ideas Please visit this link if you would like to see more about it! And more room decor ideas! 🙂


I finally put in batteries for these lights! And I placed them on the wall where I previously hung my Polaroid photos.


It adds a cafe type of atmosphere into the room, which I love!


What is this you ask? I don’t know either! I received this piece of post card in the mail and I thought it look so vintage-like, so I decided to keep it!


I just placed it on top of a journal and a book and it created a nice touch to my bookshelf.


I purchased this candle holder from a thrift store as well. The same day I bought the watering can! I just loved the white and gold color together. The design is so adorable also! It reminds me of snow, which we don’t have where I currently live. 😦


I just put a candle from Ikea that I purchased a WHILE back. Do they still sell those?


My last room decor item I purchase was this GORGEOUS picture frame that I also bought from the thrift store! My best friend picked this out for me! She dropped the metal piece in the right corner somewhere in my car and I was too lazy to take it out. Haha. I miss her SO MUCH. (T___T)


She put the Polaroid photo in for me and we look so cute in the photo! That was in front of the thrift store I bought all the decorations from. It had a cute pink wall, so we had to take a photo! Haha. ( Instagram Photo ) <- I took a better photo of this on my Instagram!

Fun fact: I never had a photo of my friends in a picture frame inside of my room, so this was the first time I have ever had one! I have childhood photos of my friends around my living room, though. I just thought it was interesting to think about. Haha.


She gifted me the ADORABLE cup and the GORGEOUS card you see in the photo!

I put the cup on top of my shelf because my mom always accidentally breaks cups and dishes. LOL. I didn’t want there to be harm on the special cup!

That was all for my updated room decor! I hope you enjoyed! (^__^)

I love decorating my room, so it was even more exciting to make this blog post!

Please feel free to comment, follow, like, reblog, and etc.! It keeps me motivated to continue blogging! Hehe.

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