New Job, YouTube, and etc.


I have miss blogging SO MUCH. As I say in every blog post I make.

I just wanted to share a blog post about what I have been up to lately to be missing out on blogging!

First of all, I have nothing interesting going on to blog about, so that was another reason for not blogging.

The only thing that was interesting was going to a Japanese garden and I made a short YouTube video! I have always wanted to make a YouTube video since I watch YouTube videos all day!

It was fun to film and a pain to edit, but I was happy with the outcome! Although, I was expecting it to be better quality, but it ended up being very shaky. OH WELL.

This is the video I made!

I just wore two simple outfits because I didn’t want to have to change into different outfits.

I thought that I will make it as a hobby, but I think I made it as a memory.

It was fun to film, but I don’t think I will continue to make more…I barely have anything to film and I’m just too shy! Eheh…But I might keep this video up for memories or I might delete it later…I’m not sure yet!

I think I’ll stick to blogging!


Recently, one of my best friends moved to Germany to study aboard and I have been sad, but very happy for her as well! 🙂 ❤

We watched the movie, The Little Prince, which is on Netflix. I wasn’t expecting much from the movie, but IT WAS AMAZING. I love that movie so much and it was special to watch it with my best friend before she moved to Germany! Since that movie was about letting your loved ones go or part of the movie was about that.

I can’t wait for the day to visit her! I am going to literally save up money to go visit her!

Another update in my life is that…I got a part-time job…

I’m glad to be earning money, but at the same time…It’s indeed a difficult job.

I got a part-time job at Adidas and I really am a fan of Adidas compared to Nike, even though both brands are great.


The first day of work, I was assigned to be the cashier.

It was difficult because I was too shy to call out the next customer in line. LOL. I KNOW.

Especially since I had to say “May I have the next guest paying with credit card!”

I was only able to take credit cards on the first two days of work. Some customers would get mad at me for not being able to take cash. 😦

The third day of work I was able to start taking cash as well!

It was WAY easier, since I could just say “Next guest in line!”

The coworkers were all so kind, except this one lady that seemed annoyed of me whenever I asked for help. The head cashier lady who taught me everything was kind, so I was able to learn quickly!

The second day of work, I got in trouble for not speaking out loud on the first day of work. (-___-) LOL.

They told me that customers complained about not being able to hear me, so I like had to “yell” at the customers.

I wanted to give up already, but I told myself that I have to stay strong!! Since my Mom was cheering for me! She sent me a cute message on the first day of work! ❤

Also, one of my other best friends was helping me to keep sane and cheered me on when I was about to give up on the first few days. LOL. ❤

The fourth day of work, I had to go to work at 6AM and hang all the clothes in the “employees only” area.

It was difficult, since it was honestly boring and there was SO MUCH DUST EVERYWHERE. It’s no joke because my body would be SO SORE afterwards.

Break is very short as well, only 30 minutes, so I have to rush to eat. However, I don’t really mind.

After each day of work, my body would be SO sore and I would lose weight.

I still enjoy this job (only if I am the cashier), even if the first two days were hard.

I am trying to track all my spending, so that I am gaining rather than losing money. I also have so many things I want to save up for!

I found out that I have to take 5 more classes at my current college to be able to transfer to another college. So, I have to pray that I can take those 5 classes at the transferred college!!!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME (T__T). I would have to spend over $3,000 to take those classes at my current college…might not seem like “a lot,” but IT’S A LOT.

That’s about it for my life update!

Right now I’m making banana bread for the first time! As I was typing this the timer went off to say that it’s ready!

If I waited a few minutes longer it would have been burnt. LOL.


Anyways! That’s it for this blog post! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Hehe. ❤

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2 thoughts on “New Job, YouTube, and etc.

  1. Okay so I don’ want to be bossy but you should really look at this link! This blog post\video was perfect and I think you should learn more about online fashion marketing and follow your passions! You’re really good at this and I think that it will make you see that you really can do the things you dream about!!!

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    1. Ugh, you’re so bossy Emi! Ahaha jk ❤ Aww thank you Emi!! I'm about to tear up, again!! I'm such a cry baby xD It makes me so happy that you think that and that you believe in me!! hehe and I'm always so thankful that you introduce me to things that end up changing my life in a positive way!!! _<; that's why I got interested in marketing and making my own little online clothing store!! Hehe I probably already told you this, though!


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