Missing Korea…Winter Break in Korea

I have always missed Korea ever since I moved here, but was happy at the same time for a new life in America.

Now that so many years has passed, I really want to move back to Korea.

It’s been hard for me, since my father REFUSED to let me move back.

I keep having dreams about being in Korea, which doesn’t really help me get over wanting to move back.

I have some photos from Korea when I went in the winter last year.

I thought why not share some on my blog.

I don’t really remember exactly when I took each photo, so some things might be random.

Let’s fly to Korea!


Going to Korea from America is always a pain, since it’s soooo far away! This flight was almost…15 hours, I believe.

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

It was WAY better than the time I went to Korea in the summer because I was sitting with these two mid-aged couple and I was in the window seat, so it was difficult to go to the bathroom. Plus, the lady next to me kept on…passing gas. But, we are humans so, we need to pass gas, LOL. At night, they turn off the lights for everyone to sleep and one of the flight attendants was handing me out a bread in the dark. The couple next to me were sleeping and I could barely see anything, so when I took the bread, it accidentally bounced off of the lady’s head. I panicked a little on the inside, but the lady was still sound asleep. The flight attendant nicely handed me another bread and this time it didn’t bounce off of the lady’s head. Sorry, lady that was sitting next to me…

Anyways, this flight to Korea wasn’t as eventful as the summer flight to Korea.

After a LONG flight, my mom and I finally arrived!

It was pretty hot in the airport, since I had layers of clothes on, so I wasn’t wearing my coat. Once I went outside, it just felt like going into the huge fridges in Costco. Once few minutes passed, it hit me…I WAS FREEZING. I hurried and put my coat on that was on the luggage cart.

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

We were finally headed towards my grandparent’s house and the taxi driver was a little bit scary because he was cursing at other taxi drivers at the airport. My mom stayed up the whole ride because she was scared that he might take us somewhere sketchy, haha. You can see where I get my paranoia from.


The day after we arrived in Korea, we went to the 찜질방/목욕탕, or sauna/public bath. Yes, this was our very unhealthy breakfast, but it was extra delicious for some unknown reason.


I ate this ice cream that was Korean sweet potato flavor and it was all melted by the time I ate it because I was full from the ramen and 식혜 (sikhye) drink.

This was taken inside one of the saunas room, so no wonder it melted so quickly, haha.

From here on, I’m not too sure of the exact order of the places I went to. So, I hope it’s not too confusing!

My mom and I went to this cafe called “Caffe Bene” a couple of times and we usually don’t go to one cafe so many times, since there’s a lot in Korea. So, all of these photos are all from different days.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I came here to study once, while my mom went somewhere nearby. The lady at the cashier remembers me by now, so she was wondering where my mom was, haha. Anyways, I bought this cute notebook, which says “Let’s study, starting tomorrow not today.” I bought it at this bookstore near this aquarium I went to.

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

I spent my time here on my birthday as well! I loved that it wasn’t crowded because it made me feel more comfortable to celebrate here. 🙂


I’m not sure what this dessert was called, but I ordered it because it looked delicious from the photo in the menu. It was delicious, but the strawberries were pretty sour, which is odd because strawberries in Korea are candy sweet, haha.


I ordered this delicious hot cocoa! It was definitely a cherry on top from a freezing cold day.


This dessert is called “honey bread”, but I don’t think I was paying attention to what flavor I ordered, so I got the cinnamon flavor…Not really a fan of cinnamon, but I still ate half of it, LOL.


Another place I went to on my birthday was the “SM Coex Artium.” It had a lot of photos and things about SM artists like EXO, Girls generation, Super Junior, etc. The gift shop was SO expensive, so I didn’t buy anything from there, haha. There is also a cafe where you can hang out with your friends. After exploring SM Coex Artium, my mom and I shopped on the way to the Coex Aquarium.

Another place I went to in Korea was this place called, “동화마을”, or Fairy Tale Village.


This place is so adorable! There are so many art on the walls, where you can take pictures with.

I love how in some places, they make the stairs into art. There is this piano stairs, where it plays a note as you go up the stairs. SO COOL.

There’s this place in Fairy Tale Village called, the trick art museum (the top two right photos and the bottom left photo), which is also in other places like Hongdae. I love this picture because I’m pretty short, so it’s a famous painting giving me a glass of milk, LOL.

I hope I can visit another trick art/eye museum the next time I visit Korea! I love being a part of the art.

(Bottom right photo) The highlight of the day was when I found this area where there is a HUGE Pinocchio statue and I felt proud that I was the first person there at the time, since it is kind of hidden. When I came down the stairs of this place, these couples were wondering what’s up there and why I came down from there, haha. Then, other people started to go up as well.


This was the HUGE Pinocchio statue and look how big it is compared to me!

I loved this place SO much, but it was SO cold! The taxi driver who took us here was wondering why we were going on such a cold day, haha. For me, I love the cold weather, so I’m happy that I came here on a cold day rather than a blazing hot day.

Another place I went to was this cafe called “Thanks Nature Cafe” or sheep cafe in Hongdae. The place was kind of hidden, so it was hard to find this place at first.


As you walk downstairs, you can already smell the sheep. Despite the smell, this place was gorgeous!

My mom and I thought we had to go into the cafe and buy a drink to be able to see the two sheep up close, so we ordered this drink, which was REALLY sweet. But, it turns out you don’t have to buy a drink because other people went in without going into the actual cafe.

I don’t really recommend getting this drink, heh…It’s pretty, though!


So, I finally went outside to pet the sheep! There were two cute sheep and I think they were hungry. 😦

I didn’t want to go too close to them when they were hungry because there’s an opening for the sheep to come out where I was standing in the photo above.

THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!! Sheep: “IT’S LUNCH TIME, GIVE ME FOOD.” I’m not sure why the workers weren’t around. I hope they gave them food soon after we left.

Going back to the new years, my family gathered together to go to this awesome restaurant, which looked like a tree! I wish I could have taken a photo of it! 😦 After eating a meal, we went out to this area that’s right next to the restaurant and there was a fire place and cool swinging chair thing. I wish I took more photos of this place!


This is a Korean sweet potato, IT’S SO YUMMY. Especially in the winter, since the sweet potato is hot and toasty. The restaurant has grills at each table, so they keep the sweet potatoes underneath wrapped in foil and pack them in paper bag for us to eat after the meal.

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

It’s not perfect, but my phone did a pretty good job because the quality of these photos looks pretty good. 🙂

The next place I am mentioning is this cool place that looks like a huge UFO.


It’s called the “Dongdaemun design plaza” where there are many cool things outside, but it was too cold, so we went inside and explored this museum.There were so many cute things, as shown in the photos.

The ticket was cheaper for college students, but I forgot to bring my ID and the employee was nice to let me in. She told me to have it next time, haha. Oopsy.

Now, here are more random places with only few photos to show.

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

I took this photo at this tiny cafe in Home Plus. The cafe might have been tiny, but I still loved the design of the place.

Processed with VSCO

I ate this donut at Dunkin Donuts in Home Plus another day, and I thought it was pretty good! It was a chocolate flavored donut with white chocolate on the outside. Yum!

20160103_221930 copy

Here’s a random photo I took inside of a bus. At night, the buses and subways are so full.


LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS! This was taken inside of a mall, which I totally forgot which mall it was. >_<

The dish on the top right is called “seafood champon”, which is a delicious spicy noodles!

Processed with VSCO with g1 preset

It was cool to see snow coming down again, which you can kind of see on my hair. It’s not dandruff, I promise.

Warning, here are a bunch of delicious food that is making me hungry right now.


(Starting from the top left photo) This is a latte my mom ordered and the cup is SO ADORABLE, AHH. This is called 닭강정, which is stickier and also sweet as the chicken above. This dish is called 돈까스, or Tonkatsu in Japanese. I ate this inside of the Gangnam subway place where you shop, which is called 고속터미널 지하상가 in Korean. I think I have never ate so many strawberries in my life. These were the BEST strawberries EVER. LIKE HOW IS IT SO SWEET AND DELICIOUS!?

Street foods are SO delicious! The fried corn dogs are another favorite of mine (which you can see on the very right of the top photo) and it’s so good dipped in sugar with ketchup! MY FAVORITE, 양념치킨, which is a Korean fried chicken seasoned with yummy sweet sauce. My mom eventually ate all of it when I was taking a nap. 😦 LOL. MY MOST FAVORITE FOOD EVER. 떡볶이 or Tteokbokki, which is a spicy and sweet rice cake dish. I can eat this everyday and this one was SO delicious! I got it from this place called 죠스 떡볶이, or Jaws Tteokbokki.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This is called 붕어빵, also known as Taiyaki in Japanese.

So, yes, the most thing I did in Korea was eat and I gained about 5 pounds, LOL. I had to because I never know when I’ll be able to go back, so I buy and eat every food I missed.

I ate mostly warm food since it was cold outside. Too bad I didn’t get to eat any bingsoo, but that’s alright!

I hope that this blog wasn’t too random and it gave you ideas of what Korea is like!

Is it bad that making this blog post made me miss Korea even more?

I didn’t intend on making this blog post to brag in anyway, but to remember the good times I had in Korea, since I’ve been missing it so much.

Also, I didn’t have my blog during this time, so I just took these photos for memories. I lost a lot of photos because my laptop hard drive broke and I didn’t want to pay extra to keep it. 😦

Going back reminds me of so many memories I had as a kid and makes me miss my childhood. ❤


This was taken on top of my grandparent’s house on the roof top, last summer. I had so many memories here. ❤


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