Adventure at the beach/bar!

Yesterday was my friend, Julianna’s birthday! So, my friend Emily and I went to the beach because we were invited to “Fat Tuesday”.

When we arrived, it was difficult to work the parking meter! We put in a bunch of coins at first, but then we didn’t have enough for a couple of hours. We got all our coins back and Emily tried to put in her card, but it didn’t work. I tried putting my card in, but it didn’t work again! I was starting to panic a little because there were people behind us, waiting. I asked Emily if we should let them go first, but she said that it’s okay, we can do it! Haha.

We ended up putting all the coins back into the machine and then we were on our adventure to find more coins!

We went back and forth to the ATM, but it charged us too much to withdraw money.

We went to the ice cream shop, since it was national ice cream day, or something like that! We went to “Haagen Dazs” and Emily bought herself cookies and cream ice cream. I didn’t buy one because I felt a little sick from the McDonald’s strawberry milkshake I had earlier in the day. The milkshake tasted like the Nerds candy, so I was a little disappointed. 😦

We ended up using the ATM in Fat Tuesday and I felt bad that Emily had to withdraw and pay for the fee of the withdrawal. 😦 I owe Emily!

Thanks to Emily, we were able to get change for the parking meter! 🙂

We went back and I accidentally pressed a button while Emily was putting in the coins, so we ended up with three tickets for parking. There was a parking checking officer next to our car and we told him about the situation and he said that was alright.

Then, this rude guy who seemed drunk told him “Stop typing, stop typing! Why are you checking my car while I was paying for the parking meter?” Or something like that to the officer.

Afterwards, we went to the beach since Julianna and her friends weren’t here yet. It was so beautiful on the beach!



Emily and I took pictures here together and enjoyed the scenery.

Emily wanted to go on top of this place, which I am not sure what it is called, but there was an old couple up there. We didn’t want to interrupt their selfie game, so we waited for them to come down.

When they came down, we went up and took more pictures!


Emily had this funny situation on Instagram, so we had fun with that! Then, Julianna and her friends had arrived, so we were headed to Fat Tuesday!

When we arrived, I couldn’t enter the bar because I was 20 years old instead of 21. I felt so bad that we had to move seats because of me. The person checking the ID was so scary…He was mad about everything we did. So, we went downstairs and found seats there.

At first, it was kind of awkward because I didn’t know anyone except for Emily and Julianna.

After talking for a while, we went upstairs again to go to the bathroom.

I was scared to go into the bathroom because it was inside where people were playing pool, which was another part we got yelled at for from the ID checking guy.

Emily and Julianna told me that it was okay, so I just ran into the bathroom, haha.

Thankfully, he didn’t say anything when we came out.

Then, Emily was buying something from the bar and when she came back, she bought me a cup! She felt bad that I couldn’t get a drink or didn’t want me to feel left out, so she bought me the cup! AHH. My heart exploded of being so touched, just the thought of how much she cares about me! ❤



Afterwards, we went back downstairs and this guy was taking the chairs we were sitting in.

Emily nicely offered another chair, since that was our seats and he rudely told her, why doesn’t she take that chair then! And he went on by rudely saying how there’s no one sitting there, so he’s going to take the seats.

Really? There were sooo many other chairs around, so why did he have to take our chairs? Plus, two of Julianna’s friends were already sitting at the table and told him to not take them, but he continued to take them.

Emily has such a sweet voice, so it was cute how Emily got mad at the guy for being so rude to her because she said “F-you!” to him, haha. I would have too if I was in her situation! I should have said it anyways! Thankfully, one of Julianna’s friends cursed him out for us.


We had to head back to my car, since the parking tickets were almost up. We were scared to go back alone, so we went with Julianna and her friends. One of Julianna’s friends was so proud that she knew the parking lot name, which was “Sebastian,” haha. It surprised me and Emily how she knew this route that will take us straight to the parking lot.

We went back to Emily’s house and made pizza, since we didn’t eat anything near the beach.

It was worth it! Because the pizza came out so delicious!

Afterwards, I was headed back home!

I had such a fun day yesterday, even if there were rude people along the way! But, that’s another funny part of the day! Where rude people entertain you, even if it’s not in a positive way! 😛





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