A True Friend <3

Today I started my day off in a boring way, where I had to write an essay for my online class. BOO. Thumbs down.

I literally BS my essay, but a BS with effort, if that makes sense.

Today I was so happy because I got to hang out with one of my best friend, Emily!

She went to visit her family and I missed her during those days, but still happy that she got to visit her family! 🙂

We went to the movies with her parents and brother! We watched the cutest movie, EVER. We watched “The Secret Life Of Pets” and I have got to say that it’s one of my favorite movies now! It reminded me of my dog and I wanted to give my dog a big hug when I see her back at home and Emily thought the same with her adorable dogs!

It made me sad because it reminded me of all the animals that are being abused or abandoned in this world, but it made me want to adopt, the next time we bring home a dog!

I seriously want everyone to watch this movie!

Oh! The movie theater we went to was awesome as well because the seats reclined back, so it was fun watching the movie while lying down!

Emily bought gifts for me that were so thoughtful! ^_^ Spending time with her is a huge gift to me already, so I was overjoyed!

I just can’t get over how cute these gifts are!!


(Oh yes, I ruined the top of the desk by taking off this huge stick on thing I put on the desk.)

I was looking at the Kate Spade mini wallets for awhile now, but it was just too expensive. But I can’t believe Emily bought one for me! Now I can put in my cash and cards in my tiny purses, making it more organized on the inside. Plus! We have matching wallets now! Hehe.


I am going to bring the cute tiny journals with me everywhere!

Also, I put the adorable cat stickers on my laptop, look how cute it is!


(The bottom left is the movie ticket)

This is the most thoughtful card, EVER! It’s such a beautiful card as well! But what Emily wrote me was more beautiful and thoughtful! AH I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

I’ve been going through a rough time and I’m SO BLESSED to have such an amazing friend, more like a sister by my side!! Her family is SO sweet as well, just like her!!

These gifts are AMAZING, but I think that her friendship is the MOST amazing gift I have ever received!

I learned so much from Emily and I look up to her!

I wish that everyone can have a friend or be good to a friend, who is there for you through your hardest times or even happy times! Who doesn’t judge you for who you are and who always makes you feel special!

I tend to be left out a lot, which made me feel invisible, but I think of it as it’s because everyone has different personalities and I tend to be more shy and to myself.

I can’t believe I was blind to have been focusing on the negative people in my life, when I could have been focusing on the important people in my life. 🙂

Also, I realized that everyone who comes into your life is a gift even if they hurt you, but learning how to forgive is something that I think that everyone should learn in order to move on in life. Which is something I definitely need to still work on myself.

Life is like a…ROLLER COASTER! But Don’t PANIC! ^_^




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