June Favorites (2016)

I wanted to blog about something and I decided to share with you my June favorites!

I have been using beauty products that I bought before, but forgot about. Don’t worry it’s still good to use because it’s not that old.


The Boscia clear complexion tonic mist is very useful for hot summer days and want something to refresh your face. Although, I use it mostly in the morning and at night after I use a toner to wipe my face.

I spray it onto my palms and tap it onto my face because when I spray it onto my face, I have no idea why, but I keep spraying it directly onto my eyes and nose area. So, the product would get into my nose and I would start coughing. Silly me…but, I think this product helped me to even out my skin tone.

I use the BareMinerals blemish remedy powder foundation to mattify my face after using a BB cushion. However, lately I’ve been so lazy that I just use a fluffy powder brush and slap it onto my face without using the BB cushion.

I would use both products because they are both light coverage instead of full coverage. I use concealer for those darn acne scars, but now I just embrace the few acne scars I have.

I use the clearly porcelain 01, which is the lightest shade and the workers at Sephora looked at me in a weird way because I guess they are used to people buying darker tones compared to their skin tone, but I did the opposite. My face became kind of paler, so it works nicely on my face now compared to when I first bought it.

I’m not sure if it is actually a blemish remedy because I get acne due to eating junk food (yes, I failed to contain a healthy diet as usual, nothing new). But, I think that it doesn’t break me out because I didn’t notice any new acne when I do wear it.


I bought this beautiful journal in Korea and it is almost everything I was looking for in a journal. I wish it was either red or yellow, but the sky blue color is pretty as well. It has so many pages for it to contain my thoughts and randomness.

Random fact is that I really love the pen next to it as well! I bought it in LA this year from the store called, Daiso, which is kind of like a dollar store from Japan. I wasn’t expecting much from the pens because it’s a dollar and the quality must be bad, but I WAS WRONG.

I visited Daiso in Korea as well and there are so many cute little things for inexpensive prices. I just like how bold the pen is and I already lost two of them, so that one is my last standing one. Stay brave young pen.


I wanted to share some of my music favorites because music keeps me sane, I guess.

(Credits to this person who uploaded this video)

My first music favorite is “As I Am” by Baek Yerin! I loved her voice, since I first heard her sing, so I’m glad that I rediscovered her music. I like the lyrics because I think it’s about what you believe in and kinda of making fun of others who judge you for what you believe in. THE INSTRUMENTAL, is amazing! I love the piano, guitar, and her voice.

(Credits to this person who uploaded this video)

I really like “That’s Why” as well! It’s ironic I like her songs sung in English because she’s a Korean singer.

(Credits to SM! Making these notes, so I don’t get sued. I don’t know I’m a paranoid person. Better to be safe than sorry! Ha!)

My next favorite is “Why” by Taeyeon and the music video is pretty. I like the beat and stuff, it’s like becoming more used in Korean pop now a days.

I have a lot more music favorites, but it will take forever to list them all!

The last, but not least June favorite is my sister’s birthday! She turned 25 this year…THAT’S CRAZY! She still looks like she is 20 years old or younger! These moments makes me think how fast time is going even if it feels slow in the moment.


Random favorite is this little guy! Ahaha, he is so cute! I found him in my garage and if you press the second purple button he says something like “jump high, I miss..Jojo?” Something like that! He’s the gingerbread man from Shrek! I got this in a happy meal or in Burger King longggg time ago! I thought he passed away the other day, but I tried it again today and he’s alive! Yay!


That was my favorites for June! I hope you enjoyed this blog post! These are small things that helped me survive June. I hope through this blog post, you will be able to appreciate even the little things in life! ^_^





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