Boat Ride Adventure!

Back on my happy place ^_^

I went on a boat ride with my Mom and Sister on July 5th in the afternoon. Bad decision to go in the afternoon because it was REALLY HOT. My mood has been down lately because….I’m beating myself up, emotionally, and my Mom wanted to do something to cheer me up.

Although, it was REALLY HOT, I did really enjoy the boat ride with my family, even if the boat ride gave me a massive head ache. 20160705_133430

Photo looks blurry…I miss my camera…The lens unfortunately passed away for no reason, so I had to order a cheaper lens online. Hopefully it comes this week!


A crew member of the boat was like a tour guide to keep the guest in company and to be honest, he kind of scared me throughout the ride because he would laugh maniacally and kept on saying that he’s going to get fired for making harsh jokes…But that’s just me being paranoid because I watch a lot of scary world news.

After a long boat ride to this area, we arrive at this park-like place. It was such a cute place because it had cafe lights all over and rocking bench/table.

My Mom disappeared for a second and when my Sister and I looked around, we see her sitting on the rocking bench/table. I started laughing because she was so quick to find somewhere to sit. Thankfully, we were able to sit down in shade because it had a thing on the top to protect us from the sun.

My Sister and I went to the food stand to buy some chicken sandwiches and the drink called, Pina Colada. The chicken sandwich was very…salty…and had a weird texture to it, but the Pina Colada was pretty good.

While we were buying the sandwiches, I saw people taking photos with a parrot on their arms and I really wanted to try it as well! So, I shyly asked the worker if I can take a picture with the parrot as well. The parrot was adorable! The worker said “he” for the parrot, so I am guessing it’s a male parrot? Not sure, but he was way heavier than I thought he would be, or I just have very weak arms. The parrot kept on pecking at my cardigan and wanted to eat my hair, so the worker was warning me to be careful because he loves long hair.

After a fun experience with a parrot, we just walked around the place and saw few animals and felt bad because they were in cages, even if they were large cages.

There weren’t a lot to look around for, so when we were heading back towards the boat, we saw a worker with a baby alligator. It was so calm that it was adorable because I’m usually scared of reptiles, but this baby alligator was adorable!

I was hugging the alligator in my arms and the skin felt interesting and it felt hard and heavy. I never touched or was so close to a reptile before, especially an alligator, so that is why I sound so fascinated by an alligator. It was a really fun experience because I love animals, even if some are scary.


The alligator looked small when the worker was holding it, but when I’m holding it, it looks pretty big.

I’m so happy to have my Mother to help me to find happiness back into my life whenever there’s darkness that comes into me. She planned this trip for me just to cheer me up and I wish I had appreciated it more. 😦 I don’t know what I will do without her because she means SOOOOOOO much to me. I love you, Mom! I wish I can say that to you more often!






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