Islands of Adventure. Indeed.

Hello! Yesterday, I went to Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida and I wanted to share you my adventures there! 🙂

Soooo, let’s go!

First, I was very upset to realize that I forgot my pink hat when I arrived at my friend’s house…Such a sad beginning…

When my friend’s brother and a friend arrived with a van they rented, we were off to Orlando!

Orlando was a three hour drive from our homes, but time went by fast because we had fun in the car!

When we finally arrived at Islands of Adventure, I had decided to put my contacts in the bathroom.


I took photos with my phone instead of my camera, so I am not sure if they will look as good!

We went inside of a shop after entering the gate because I wanted to buy a hat, so that I won’t get tan from the sun. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any hat that I liked, so I realized my friend not wearing his hat and I asked him if I can wear it. He was nice to lend me his hat for the day. I felt bad taking his hat, since it was so hot outside! I owe him!


Of course our first ride was the The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride! Do you see the wait time? It was only 20 minutes! But we only waited for about 10-15 minutes I believe! Usually, we have to wait about 30-40 minutes for this ride.

When we rode it, it was way more exciting than I remembered it to be! Even my friend agreed with me! Maybe it was because we didn’t have to wait FOREVER to ride it!

We got Dippin Dots afterwards! I got the cookies and cream flavor, but I wish I had gotten the banana splits flavor.

After going into a bunch of random gift shops, we stopped to take this photo!

Unfortunately, we didn’t ride the Ribsaw Falls, but I hope we do next time!

Although, we did ride the Jurassic Park ride! It was REALLY hot when we went through the outside part of the ride. I think my heart wasn’t prepared for this ride because when the fall happened, it felt more intense than I remembered it to be. BUT, it was still really fun! I felt bad because my friends didn’t enjoy it as much, since they do not like the feeling of their insides falling. I’m glad that my sister enjoyed it though! She doesn’t like scary rides as well!

Afterwards, it was off to Harry Potter World! Yay!


I always admired the design of this place!


My friend wanted to try the pumpkin drink, but she decided not to get it. (My friend being a hand model)

We always have to go into the Honeydukes store! I wish we could have bought some weird candy, but there was a really long line, so we had decided to come back later. We ended up not going back.


I wonder if there’s a candy more weird than this…


My sister bought butter beer and it was very refreshing!

After exploring the Honey Duke’s shop, we headed towards the ride Dueling Dragons! Or known as the Dragon Challenge now…Dueling Dragons sounds so much cooler…

My sister didn’t ride this one with us, so she took care of our belongings.

I was very excited for this ride! It was the only roller coaster we rode that day because the Hulk was closed. 😦


Here’s a picture of the Hulk at least…Which I took when we got lost.

My friends were very nervous, so I felt kind of bad, but I was so excited! The line was very short as well! That feeling of waiting for the little gate to open to hop onto the roller coaster. I always close my eyes on roller coasters, since I am afraid of heights, so my friend made fun of me for not opening my eyes. The ride was fun, but we felt very dizzy afterwards!

We were planning to ride the red one as well, but we were too dizzy at the moment.

Afterwards, we took this picture!


I love this picture! The Hogwarts Express!

We rode the Harry Potter 3D ride as well! I believe this was the longest ride we had to wait for in line, but it was only about 20 minutes or so. My contacts were really bothering me at this point, but I wanted to enjoy the ride because the last time I rode this ride, I wasn’t able to see anything.

I wasn’t able to see anything because one of our friends told us that the ride will be a roller coaster, so I kept my glasses in the lockers. It was interesting to see the castle clearly this time.

The ride made me feel…VERY motion sick…The last time I rode it, it wasn’t as bad as this time. I was very excited in the beginning, but towards the middle and the end, I felt really sick to the stomach. My friends and sister felt the same way as well, but it was still really fun!

We also saw a performance for a minute, but left to go eat something.

After eating and stuff, we went to this show that was about Sinbad, but I was pretty tired by now, so I was falling asleep.

I was worried whenever they did fight scenes on top of the “mountain”.


We saw this cute duck afterwards. ^_^


This ice cream was really good! I love ice cream, as you can see.

We also rode the Dr.Seuss ride and I love this ride because you can see the park from above! I also like it because it isn’t too high for me to be afraid of it.


This is where we ate pizza and salad. We were confused on why the salad had bits of Tortilla chips on top of it…

While waiting in line, there was this guy that was staring at my friend…I think he was jealous of her “man-bun” because he had one too or she has too much beauty for him to handle.

Look at how cute this Grinch stuffed toy is!


Oh, hello.

After exploring the Dr.Seuss area, we went to where we began and rode Popeye!

My sister and I brought a rain coat, but I felt bad that my friend was the only one not wearing one!

My other friend decided to hang back and watch our belongings.

We decided to take off our shoes, but the worker told us that we needed our shoes, so we went back to get our shoes.

The raincoat we had did not do a good job at covering our shorts/pants, so my bum got very wet. It looked like I peed myself! Luckily, I had my cardigan to wrap around my waist.

It was fun riding Popeye though! We rode it twice, since there were no line!

After a long day at the park, we had to wait for my friend’s brother and friend to come pick us up. So, we ate at this place called “The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar” and it was great because we didn’t have to wait for a seat.


I ordered the black truffle cheeseburger! I panicked because I didn’t know what to order, so I just ordered the first burger I saw on the menu.

The burger wasn’t as big as I expected it to be, but still pretty big that I had to cut it with a knife to eat it.

The dressing on the burger tasted kind of funky, but I couldn’t really taste it.

It was a pretty good burger! I give it a…3.5 out of 5!


It became night, and the moon was a perfect banana shape.

Processed with VSCO with m1 preset

This van was so beautiful that I wish I can travel in it. I think my friend said that there was alcohol in this van.


There were people sitting in this area, so we decided to wait here.

This was my favorite part of the day, even though the whole day was amazing.

It was a very relaxing place to hang out.

My friend and I had a talk about private stuff and we laughed our butts off thanks to snapchat filters! I haven’t laughed that much in a while. I bet people thought we were crazy because it was a pretty quiet place and we were laughing so much, but oh well!

There were also fireworks, but it lasted about 2 seconds…


Sooo, that wraps up my adventure with my friends and sister in Islands of Adventure!

I took a nice hot shower when I came home and knocked out on my bed.

I had so much fun in Islands, and I can’t wait to go back! I was kind of sad that the day went by so fast, but glad at the same time for not waiting in such long lines!

The only bummers of the day were my contacts irritating my eyes and Hulk not being open, but that cancels out by all the fun things we did!


Life is short, so spend your time having fun with your friends and family and do not long on the negative things in your life because you are only making it harder on yourself.

That just got deep, but I hope the next time I go, I remember my hat! So that my friend can have protection from the hot sun!


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Thank you for reading my blog post! ^_^





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